Demonstrate Your Pro-Life Support Today!

Once a mother decides to continue with her pregnancy, we step in to offer the material items she and her baby may need.  Diapers are always needed.  Baby outfits are needed, new car seats are a must.  Here is where your pro-life support comes in.  If we want these mothers to choose life, we must make sure that if she is having financial problems, we can offer the baby items she needs to bring her baby into the world.  Your monetary assistance and pro-life support is vital to this end.  We must put action to our words of support.  These families need a little help, and your assistance can relieve them of the burden of worrying from where their next box of diapers will come. We run a very tight ship, and we believe that your pro-life support should go to our families. We are always most appreciative of any financial assistance you can donate to us, and we pray for our benefactors.

The Shield of Roses invites you to show pro-life support by making a financial gift to the Shield of Roses. Call us at 818-242-3912 or email us today to join us in our important mission.

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