By the grace of God, the mothers of these children accepted support from the Shield of Roses, and then happily welcomed their babies into the world.

For 30 years we have prayed the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday outside the facility. We reflect on the scene of the cross affirming Christ’s dignity as He silently suffered and died... Babies are being led to their deaths, we try to save them; but if that fails, our prayerful presence is witness to the dignity that others try to strip from them.

With your prayers and financial support, together we have transformed the fear and despair of an unexpected crisis pregnancy into the hope and joy that a baby brings!

This my friends, is why we do what we do! I am continually emotionally taken aback by the outpouring of hope, joy and love that occurs when we heed His voice! All praise, thanks and glory be to you Lord God!


The Day Before Christmas Eve

What a morning it was out there today! It was wet, cold, and busy.

At about 10:05 am the paramedics and a fire truck showed up!  A women was brought out on a stretcher crying and holding her stomach.

Within about 15 minutes of the emergency vehicles leaving I was able to talk to a young couple.  After talking to them for a while we walked down to the bakery.  Although they are nervous about telling their parents, they are very happy about having changed their hearts and minds!  Thank you Lord for the early Christmas present of this turn-around!

Please pray for this woman, this couple and for all who are struggling with unexpected pregnancies and contemplating abortion.


31st Annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross

31st Annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross Flyers

Honored and Blessed…

Indeed we were truly honored and blessed to have His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke as our special guest speaker.  Below is an excerpt from his Eminence’s talk at our Benefit Dinner:

It brings me great joy to speak at this annual banquet for the support of Shield of Roses which for some thirty years has been assisting young pregnant women to be faithful to their call to motherhood, to care for the new human life in their womb, to bring the baby to term, and to provide for the education and upbringing of their child in the best manner possible. The fidelity of Shield of Roses to its mission for more than three decades is a powerful sign of Christian hope in the midst of a society beset by a culture of violence and death. It gives me the deepest joy to support and encourage its most worthy mission of life in your midst. I thank Dale Noble, Member of the Board of Shield of Roses, for the invitation to be with you tonight. When I read about your work, I wanted to do everything within my power to accept the invitation. I am deeply grateful to Monsignor Sabato Pilato and Father Marcos Gonzalez for their generous hospitality and for all that they have done to make my presence with you tonight possible. I thank God that everything has worked together, so that I can be with you and offer a few words by which I intend to confirm Shield of Roses in its mission and to inspire strong support of the mission in the local community and surrounding area.

Rightly, Shield of Roses not only assists troubled mothers directly but also engages in the work of educating others to know the truth about procreation and the virtue of purity, which prepares a man and a woman to give themselves totally to each other and to their offspring in marriage. Sadly, our culture has robbed from the work of education its very first lessons, the lessons without which nothing else which the culture can teach us makes any sense.

Cardinal Burke Speaking



With just a little over a week away, we can hardly contain our excitement at the honor and blessing of having his Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke as our guest speaker.

We have extended the date for RSVPs, so please do not miss out on this opportunity to hear his Eminence speak in person about issues that are near and dear to our hearts as faithful Catholics.

You can still reserve your seat by clicking on our Donate Tab here in our website or by calling our office at:  818-242-3912 or by email at:



2016 Love, Life & Family Benefit Dinner

Friday, January 15, 2016 

2016 Love, Life & Family Benefit Dinner

Renaissance Banquet Hall
1236 S. Central Avenue
Glendale , CA 91204

VIP Reception: $100 Per Person
(Limited Capacity)
VIP Reception Will Include:
Photo With His Eminence
His Eminence’s Book Divine Love Made Flesh: The Holy
Eucharist As The Sacrament of Charity

Dinner Tickets: $125 Per Person

Table of 12: $1,300

6:00 pm         VIP Reception
6:45 pm          Dinner Guest Cocktails & Check-In
7:15 pm          Dinner & Program

Guest Speaker: His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke
Emcee: Andy Zepeda

Kindly Respond Before January 4th

Online at Donate Tab
For More Information Contact Ana Maria Parthenis-Rivas
(818) 242-3912 or

30th Annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross

Friday, April 3, 2015 7:00 p - 8:00 p 372 W. Arden Ave, Glendale

Friday, April 3, 2015
7:00 p – 8:00 p
372 W. Arden Ave, Glendale

2014 Benefit Dinner Was A Success!

If you were able to be with us to celebrate our 30th Anniversary and to honor our dear Geri at our Benefit Dinner, I do hope that you concur with the rest of our guests that have already shared with us how much they enjoyed the evening.  All of the feedback we have received has been very positive and uplifting!

It was both inspiring and motivating to hear Abby Johnson share her story.  Unfortunately, Abby Johnson’s talk was not recorded, but I was delighted to hear from one of our guests that this is what she recalls Abby to have said about the Shield of Roses:

      “The biggest compliment of the evening was from Abby Johnson. She said that of all the probably hundreds of speaking engagements and experience (sic), Shield of Roses, by far, was the most effective pro-life organization she’d ever experienced.”

A special Thank You goes out to Mrs. Christine Lowe for once again taking wonderful pictures at our dinner.  Please click on or copy the following link to view the pictures:

Please know that without your prayers and financial support, we would not have the occasion to celebrate the work that we do.  We are truly grateful and feel blessed that you have partnered with us in this amazing work that God has called us to.


Newsletter Spring/Summer 2014

Newsletter Spring-Summer 2014 Final

Tickets for Annual Benefit Dinner

2014 Benefit Dinner Reservation Final

In their own words…

            “wow, I can’t thank you enough.  I never knew that there would be anyone to help me.  I would again like to thank you for saving my life from the horrible disaster I would have went through with the abortion.  You are truly an angel :)”  I.

             “I’ve been good.  I decided to keep the baby :)  It’s going to be a struggle, but like you said I was chosen by God to be this baby’s Mom.” J. 

          “Thank you for talking to me, for caring and for saving me from something that I know I would have regretted all my life.  I hope that God keeps you around for a long time doing what you do to help all those women like me who were just scared and dumb.  M.

          “Thank you  for helping me to be the man that I needed to be – what was I thinking?.  If you hadn’t talked me into going up there to talk to my wife, I just don’t know… Wow!  We’re having another baby!  Thank you and please, don’t ever stop doing what you do”  A.

          “I had prayed all night asking God for a sign that I wasn’t supposed to go through with it and there you were.  You stopped to talk to me, you really cared about me and my baby.  You were the sign I prayed for!”  M.

         “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.  I feel so surreal sitting here going to the doctor with you.  I can’t believe I was about to abort my baby.  God bless you…  A.



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