Honored and Blessed…

Indeed we were truly honored and blessed to have His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke as our special guest speaker.  Below is an excerpt from his Eminence’s talk at our Benefit Dinner:

It brings me great joy to speak at this annual banquet for the support of Shield of Roses which for some thirty years has been assisting young pregnant women to be faithful to their call to motherhood, to care for the new human life in their womb, to bring the baby to term, and to provide for the education and upbringing of their child in the best manner possible. The fidelity of Shield of Roses to its mission for more than three decades is a powerful sign of Christian hope in the midst of a society beset by a culture of violence and death. It gives me the deepest joy to support and encourage its most worthy mission of life in your midst. I thank Dale Noble, Member of the Board of Shield of Roses, for the invitation to be with you tonight. When I read about your work, I wanted to do everything within my power to accept the invitation. I am deeply grateful to Monsignor Sabato Pilato and Father Marcos Gonzalez for their generous hospitality and for all that they have done to make my presence with you tonight possible. I thank God that everything has worked together, so that I can be with you and offer a few words by which I intend to confirm Shield of Roses in its mission and to inspire strong support of the mission in the local community and surrounding area.

Rightly, Shield of Roses not only assists troubled mothers directly but also engages in the work of educating others to know the truth about procreation and the virtue of purity, which prepares a man and a woman to give themselves totally to each other and to their offspring in marriage. Sadly, our culture has robbed from the work of education its very first lessons, the lessons without which nothing else which the culture can teach us makes any sense.

Cardinal Burke Speaking

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