Volunteer your Catholic Prayers with the Shield of Roses

Perhaps you have a heart for the unborn, but you don’t know what to do to participate in this special ministry.   Perhaps you want to help a woman who is considering an abortion, but you don’t know what that “help” would look like.  We offer you an opportunity to be a partner with us in our unique organization.  You can offer your Catholic prayers along with us.  We could not possibly continue our work of saving babies and helping their mothers unless you join us in storming heaven with your Catholic prayers, rosaries, and Masses.  You could become a prayer warrior.  This you can do in person,  by joining us on the sidewalk, or from your home or office.

Your participation is easy:  just remember our intentions while you are praying, and you are an official “prayer warrior!”  Storming heaven and begging graces to save a baby is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of being a prayer warrior.  A battle rages in front of local abortion facilities, and we stand in witness to protect these families from making a decision that will hurt their hearts and spirit for years to come.

Can you join us in praying?  Are you being called to be a prayer warrior?  We invite you to help in this rewarding job of protecting God’s most defenseless. To join the Shield of Roses, Our Lady of Refuge Chapter in our important mission to help women in crisis pregnancies and stand for the preborn, please contact us today!

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