By the grace of God, the mothers of these children accepted support from the Shield of Roses, and then happily welcomed their babies into the world.

For 30 years we have prayed the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday outside the facility. We reflect on the scene of the cross affirming Christ’s dignity as He silently suffered and died... Babies are being led to their deaths, we try to save them; but if that fails, our prayerful presence is witness to the dignity that others try to strip from them.

With your prayers and financial support, together we have transformed the fear and despair of an unexpected crisis pregnancy into the hope and joy that a baby brings!

This my friends, is why we do what we do! I am continually emotionally taken aback by the outpouring of hope, joy and love that occurs when we heed His voice! All praise, thanks and glory be to you Lord God!



Catholic Pro Life Glendale, CA Charity

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The babies pictured and hundreds more almost didn’t make it.  Each baby had a mom who felt that her problems could only be solved by an abortion. Can you imagine a situation that is so dire, so desperate that a mom feels that her child must be sacrificed so her life can continue?

We see these situations all the time, and we reach out to those anxious women and give them a life line – for themselves and their baby.  With a prayerful presence we stand in front of the abortion center, and greet these moms with love and hope.

We have been helping women in crisis pregnancies since 1984 by praying peacefully in front of the abortion facility. Every week on the days that abortion services are being provided we are there for three hours of prayer (we call it our Three Hours at Calvary), we speak to the approximately 20 women entering the building.

Most feel that their situation definitely warrants an abortion.  Statistically 98 per cent of all abortions are because the woman doesn’t want to be pregnant.  In those figures are the women who feel that they can’t afford a baby at this time, the baby will interrupt their career, their studies, or it is just not the “right” moment in time to be pregnant.  Eighty-five percent of abortions are to unmarried women.

Standing outside and speaking with them, we try to get to the bottom of their fears and help them see that no matter what their problem is at that moment, with our help, by the time the baby is born, we can alleviate their misgivings.

Whatever the problem, we find a way to save that child’s life and the mother’s conscience.

We estimate that we keep up with 15% of the families we have helped.  Some of those “babies” are now in college.

We also give presentations to Catholic teens on the evil of abortion and the joy of chastity.  Fortunately, this young generation is the most pro-life group of teens we have seen in many, many years.  They are still confused about chastity and abstinence, but we are working on it.

Shield of Roses is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  We run a very tight ship so that we can help the mothers and babies.

Thank you for your interest in our labor of love.  We have never gotten a call from a distraught mom telling us that it was a mistake to have her baby, but we do have tons of grateful letters from moms who can’t believe they actually thought abortion was an answer.

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